Seasonal Allergies and Your Lashes

At this time of year, we get more calls about puffy red lids than we do any other time:

* Did you change your adhesive?

* I’ve never had a problem before, what did you change?

*OMG! do I have to stop getting my lashes done?

Seasonal allergy season is in full swing and reports are saying that this year has been the worst in years due to the heavy winter and the super wet conditions we’ve had. Some seasonal allergies show up in the nose, stuffy and runny — super attractive. Others show up in the eyes, watery itchy and begging for a good scratching. However most times, allergies show up along the lash line, puffy red and itchy.

It makes total sense that the immediate assumed culprit of the uncomfortable lid is the adhesive used in the application of the extensions. In fact, less than .5% of the total population can be allergic to the ingredients in CERTIFIED adhesive that is CDA and FDA approved. However, getting your lashes done during allergy season is the perfect storm leading to less than comfy lids. The lids are being messed with, releasing allergens housed in the mucous membranes (fancy talk), your body already is not  equipped to release antihistamine needed to calm things down. Added to that, as soon as you leave the lash room airborne little allergen buggers will settle along the lash line. The combination of all of it leads to red puffy lids that sometimes have a flakiness.

Here’s our advice:

#1.Take it easy..

#2. Rinse your eyes with fresh cool water as often as you can, your lashes are water resistant so let that work for you

#3.Some clients take an antihistamine like Benedryl before they come in for their appt, so it’s already in the system before the perfect storm starts. We’re lash doctors not medical doctors so no one is telling you to pop a pill here – thats up to you

#4.Keep up the fight for Instant Glam – allergy season doesn’t last forever.

Love & Lashes xo

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