Spray Tans and Extensions

Spray Tan and Lashes

Spray Tan and Lashes

Spray tans and eyelash extensions are basically a MUST HAVE for those heading on vaca….wake up bronzed and pulled together. However! when booking the appointments for these must haves which one do you book first? Spray Tan should be booked first, given an opportunity to get soaked in and rinsed off thennnnn have your lashes done. For Example: Book your spray tan Wednesday and your lashes Friday, you want the tan powder rinsed off before you come in for your lashes. So why Spray then lash? When you come to get your eyelash extensions done we will be putting eye patches under your eyes for the application process. The patches can leave white marks under the eyes when the patch is removed….now you look like a bronzed raccoon with really great lashes. The other reason is that the artist will be touching your forehead during application, potentially ruining the tan on the forehead ANDDDDD the artist now has spray tan all over her hands (not cute). With the right planning you can be a flawless bronzed pulled together Goddess on your well deserved vacation.


Love & Lashes xo 

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