Sun….Sand and Lashes

Winter is about to take up full time residence, so most of us are already thinking about make a quick exit for more cooperative temperatures. However regardless of the warm weather and chilly drinks, the question still remains. How can I wake up looking make up without it running down my face? Simple Answer: Single strand eyelash extensions……

Question: How long before I leave should I book to have my lashes done? …Answer: Book your appt the same week you leave, that way they are super fresh and you won’t go into your shedding cycle while you are away.

Question: Can I get them wet? …. Answer: Yup! They will stay put in both pool water and salt water

Question: How can I take care of them on vaca?…. Answer: Fluff them with a dry mascara wand and off you go

Question: How do I keep them clean? … Answer: As long as you are not dumping a bunch of make-up on them they will stay clean just by the water rinse when you shower.

Question: Will anyone know I have lash extensions on? ….Answer: Not unless you tell them flapper face.

So book the trip then book your lashes, leave all your eye make-up at home – besides you’ll need the extra room in your luggage for all your Duty Free finds 😉

Love and Lashes xo




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