The Ultimate Push Present


It’s with certainty that FCL has assisted in the making of babies by putting some “wiggle wiggle wiggle” in winks across the GTA. Waking up made up is the name of our lash game, now it seems that pregnant women are waaaayyyyyy ahead of us in that respect. More and more pregnant women are having eyelash extensions done prior to the birth of the baby. It totally makes sense! and why didn’t we think of it??, after giving birth mom and baby are the center of attention. Visitors are in and out, pics are being snapped and mom is exhausted. Appearing haggard in front of company…not cute, appearing on Facebook looking a hot mess….simply not an option. Lash extensions are safe for pregnant women as the adhesive is non toxic and we stock mucho pillows to keep little mama comfy. Because we are one of the only lash studios in Toronto that can cure instantly, pee pee breaks are totally fine. We get it (ummmm actually I don’t), pregnancy is less than comfortable particularly nearing the end. That being said, we always book an extra 30 mins for our” little mama to be’s” giving more than enough time to shift when needed.

So!!!!! Looks like” daddy’s to be” might want to get on board with the best push present ever, cause mama needs to look FIERCE when baby gets on board….

Love & Lashes


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