Toronto Gives Good Face…

Flirt Custom Lash Studio Toronto is on Fire! and we are beginning to understand why that is. Other than the obvious, that we give good lash…we’re also giving good price. In Toronto, single strand lash extensions are a pricey little beauty secret. Soooooooo, we decided to bring suburban prices to the big city.

Charging $150 for a full set regardless of how many lashes are applied must seem like a dream in a city where lash studio’s are charging $125 to start with 40 lashes per side. Instead, we lash by time given by the appt….meaning our Lash Fairies take about 1.5 hrs for a full set so we book 2 hours to make sure we put a single silk extension on all natural lashes available.

Relashes or fills are $50 within 3 weeks, it doesn’t matter how many lashes are needed to satisfy your lust for lashes. Relashes are booked for 1 hour, our Lash Fairies take about 45 mins to complete the refill. It really doesn’t matter how many extensions are applied in that time, we get it done.

There ain’t no shame in our lash game…

Love & Lashes xo



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