Warning!! picking a Lash Studio….here’s what to look for


In Ontario there is a nail salon on basically every corner, you can go in without an appointment and have your nails, waxing, and lashes done without having to wait. It’s created an environment of “now” services, which is awesome however!! in order to do that these salons are using a high volume low product quality system in order to pull it off. It is NEVER a good idea to have your lashes done at a nail salon, there are no exceptions. It is with 100% certainty a GLUE not an adhesive is being used, an adhesive is formaldehyde free, toxin free with no fume. Nails Salons are using GLUE coming from Asia where the product is unregulated containing chemicals like formaldehyde that should not be around the eye….EVER. Here is what to look for:

  • if you can walk in and get your lashes done without an appt
  • tape instead of individually wrapped Gel patches are used underneath the eyes
  • you can smell the glue, like a sharp burning smell
  • your eyes water during the service from a burning feeling
  • a fan is used in the room to burn off the fume and on your eyes while the service is being done
  • the natural lashes are not prepped before application, there should be a 4 stage cleaning process
  • the lashes applied are clusters, a tiny little bunch of synthetic lashes with a knot at the end. Clusters are used because they can placed along the the top of the lash line without isolating the natural hair.
  • the service is done very quickly, because the clusters are plopped along the lash line the service takes very little time
  • you are told you cannot get them wet for 24 to 48 hrs, that is because formaldehyde takes that amount of time to seal. Regulated ADHESIVE can be sealed right away so you don’t have to wait.
  • you’re not provided with a little kit containing post care instructions, disposable mascara wands etc.

And there it is!!

Love & Lashes xo


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